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Allurious Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub 20 oz. signature glass jar or 5 oz. plastic jar


Luxuriously revitalizing. Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub sloughs away dry surface skin cells to clarify and tone your skin revealing a more youthful glow. Vitamin E is recognized for its restorative properties and protective anti-oxidants. It helps fortify the skin against the damaging effects of the environment. Non-abrasive sugar and salt particles exfoliate gently to reveal radiant-looking skin. This scrub also includes olive oil to restore moisture to your skin as it battles environmental aggressors, while vitamin E prevents against the visible signs of aging.


Key Ingredients:


•Virgin Olive Oil: delivers numerous benefits, including free radical protection and gentle hydration

•Vitamin E: eases dryness as it works to block free radicals from the body

•Himalayan Sea Salt

•Sugar crystals

•Allurious signature oil


How to use: Massage on to dry skin starting at the feet and moving upwards in circular movements. Rinse off in bath or shower.

Body Treatment Scrub

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