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Who wants to have to shake their glue by hand for up to 5 minutes before each lash service?

Allurious Glue-Gitator saves lots of time by mixing all the glue components in just 5-10 seconds. This will help the retention and performance stay strong, decrease the likelihood of irritation, and increase your glues shelf life.  


  • Multi-functional - quickly converts into a lash fan
  • Waterproof design, simple and easy to use, saving time and effort in your service
  • Ensures proper mixing of all components 
  • Saves your arm and wrist of excessive shaking 
  • Fun to use
  • The rotating speed reaches up to 25000 rpm, improving its work efficacy
  • Press the button, and wait 10 seconds to shake the glue evenly 


AAA Batteries not included.


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